OARC Open Championships Report

The Orkney Athletic and Running Club held their Open Championships on Sunday the 19th of September, with generous sponsorship from Sheila Fleet Jewellery.  There were many PBs and some closely contested medals.

In the U15 girls, Millie Dennison got two good PBs for high jump and shot put.  Abi Coltherd won both her track events in the U15 girls and improved on her PB in long jump again, with a winning jump of 4.50m.  Molly Tulloch also had an awesome day, with a PB in all three of her track events and gold in 100m.  Parys Hamilton set a new PB to win the U17 women’s javelin and it was nice to see her back on the track in the 100m for the first time in a long time.  Dorothy Bremner made her mark at her first competition, with a throw of 7.59m to win the U13 girls’ shot put by some distance.  Ryan Linklater also had a good PB in shot put, winning the U17 men’s.  Also in that age group, Ali Mackenzie had a fantastic day with two huge PBs on the track and won the long jump as well.  Brogan Russell was second with a super PB.  Harcus was a strong name on the track, with Bobby and Connor winning both of their track events and Logan and Euan getting PBs.  It was great to see Craig Moar on the track for the 1500m.  He ran it in a new PB and undoubtedly helped Ali towards his too.  Nuala Webb, in the U11 girls, and Freya Kemp, in the U13 girls, did really well to win all three of their events in highly competitive fields.  The U11 boys’ group saw some great competition as well.

It was a great end to the outdoor season of home competitions.  The Club would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for the athletes to compete this year.


U11 Girls

High Jump:         Gold – Sophie Bichan, Silver – Chloe Miller

Long Jump:        Gold – Nuala Webb, Silver – Kirsty Cooper, Bronze – Sophie Bichan

Shot Put:            Gold – Leah Phillips, Silver – Annie Bruce

75m:                   Gold – Nuala Webb, Silver – Kirsty Cooper, Bronze – Tamsin Blowfield

150m:                 Gold – Nuala Webb, Silver – Tamsin Blowfield

800m:                 Gold – Ruby Scarth

U11 Boys

High Jump:         Gold – James Hamilton, Silver – Ethan Kinghorn

Long Jump:        Gold – James Hamilton, Silver – Miller Harcus, Bronze – Idar Plater

Shot Put:            Gold – Ollie Leslie, Silver – Finn Lyon, Bronze – Miller Harcus

75m:                   Gold – Finn Lyon, Silver – Ollie Leslie, Bronze – James Hamilton

150m:                 Gold – Eli Thornton, Silver – Ollie Leslie, Bronze – Tom Stevenson

800m:                 Gold – Tom Stevenson, Silver – Woody Monkman, Bronze – Eli Thornton

U13 Girls

High Jump:         Gold – Piera Plater, Silver – Annie Gray, Bronze – Inka Plater

Long Jump:        Gold – Freya Kemp, Silver – Annie Gray, Bronze – Madison Russell

Javelin:               Gold – Rafi Linklater, Silver – Stella Blowfield, Bronze – Madison Russell

Shot Put:            Gold – Dorothy Bremner, Silver – Stella Blowfield, Bronze – Freya Aberdein

100m:                 Gold – Freya Kemp, Silver= – Annie Ewing and Madison Russell

200m:                 Gold – Piera Plater, Silver – Inka Plater

800m:                 Gold – Freya Kemp, Silver – Piera Plater, Bronze – Inka Plater

U13 Boys

Long Jump:        Gold – Charlie Cooper

Shot Put:            Gold – Charlie Cooper

100m:                 Gold – Charlie Cooper

800m:                 Gold – Sam Keldie

U15 Girls

High Jump:         Gold – Millie Dennison, Silver – Jenna Scott

Long Jump:        Gold – Abi Coltherd, Silver – Josie Gibbon, Bronze – Jenna Scott

Javelin:               Gold – Lucy Kenyon

Shot Put:            Gold – Millie Dennison

100m:                 Gold – Molly Tulloch, Silver – Jenna Scott, Bronze – Millie Dennison

200m:                 Gold – Abi Coltherd, Silver – Molly Tulloch, Bronze – Anne Smith

300m:                 Gold – Abi Coltherd, Silver – Molly Tulloch

1500m:              Gold – Zara Macleod

U15 Boys

High Jump:         Gold – Max Linklater, Silver – Connor Harcus

Long Jump:        Gold – Dillon Hume

Javelin:               Gold – Jamie Sutherland

Shot Put:            Gold – Max Linklater

100m:                 Gold – Murray Flett, Silver – Dillon Hume

200m:                 Gold – Connor Harcus, Silver – Murray Flett, Bronze – Dillon Hume

800m:                 Gold – Connor Harcus, Silver – Tom Hamilton

1500m:              Gold – Finn Aberdein

U17 Women

Javelin:               Gold – Parys Hamilton, Silver – Gemma Montgomery

Shot Put:            Gold – Gemma Montgomery, Silver – Parys Hamilton

100m:                 Gold – Parys Hamilton

U17 Men

Long Jump:        Gold – Alistair Mackenzie, Silver – Brogan Russell

Javelin:               Gold – Conal King

Shot Put:            Gold – Ryan Linklater, Silver – Conal King

100m:                 Gold – Bobby Harcus, Silver – Logan Harcus, Bronze – Euan Harcus

200m:                 Gold – Bobby Harcus, Silver – Ryan Coltherd, Bronze – Euan Harcus

400m:                 Gold – Ryan Coltherd, Silver – Brogan Russell, Bronze – Logan Harcus

800m:                 Gold – Ewan Foubister

1500m:              Gold – Alistair Mackenzie

U20 Women

Long Jump:        Gold – Charlotte Hume

100m: Gold –     Charlotte Hume

200m: Gold –     Charlotte Hume

Senior Men

1500m –             Gold – Craig Moar

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