OAC 2020 Competition Season

OAC have confirmed the dates for the 2020 home competition series and will be issuing entry forms shortly.
* The coaches & committee have considered the format of the competitions and discussed splitting the choice of events across multiple dates. A decision was made to do this at the April & May competitions. The aim of this is to encourage athletes to participate in both track & field events whilst also trying out alternative events to what they are used to. It is also hoped that this format will provide an opportunity to increase our volunteer officials numbers by giving anyone interested an opportunity to ‘shadow’ existing officials and gain experience in a competition environment.
* Cricketball will be dropped from the schedule at home competitions due to it not being a standard event at Scottish Athletics licensed competitions.
* A provisional timetable for each competition will be issued in advance along with the entry forms. Athletes will be responsible for reviewing the timetable and choosing their events, allowing sufficient breaks in between.
The timetable will be reviewed following the closing date for entries with a final version issued at least 7 days prior to the competition day. The timing of events will not be altered from the provisional timetable unless absolutely necessary e.g. due to high entry numbers for an individual event or to allow for adequate cover by officials etc. This will help to familiarise the athletes with how competitions are managed elsewhere, and hopefully will help to prepare them for competing south.
* Entry forms & Timetables for the first four competitions will be available on the OAC facebook page, website and by emailing competition@orkneyathleticclub.co.uk.

All of the changes implemented for 2020 will be reviewed at the end of the season and the Committee would welcome any feedback from athletes, club members, parents etc.
Please feel free to email me at any point during the year.
Any new volunteers are asked to forward their contact details to Karen Hay, Officials Co-ordinator – officials@orkneyathleticclub.co.uk

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