Club Constitution


  1. Name

 The name of the Club shall be the Orkney Athletic Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”)

  1. Affiliation

The Club shall be affiliated to scottishathletics.

  1. Objects

 The objects of the Club, which is a not for profit organisation, shall be the promotion and encouragement of athletics in Orkney.  In furtherance to the above objects, the organisation will:

(a)       promote, encourage and develop athletics in Orkney;

(b)       organise and encourage athletes to attend athletic meetings outwith Orkney;

(c)       co-ordinate athletic meetings in Orkney; and

(d)       co-operate with other clubs within and outwith the county.

  1. Powers

 In furtherance of the above objects the Club will have the power to:

(a)       arrange and provide for the holding of meetings, classes, training sessions and competitions;

(b)       take out membership of such organisations  as are considered to be in the interests of, and compatible with, the objects of the Club;

(c)        hire premises for the purpose of holding competitions, tournaments, workshops, exhibitions, displays, fundraising events or any other reason as shall further the objects;

(d)       effect insurance to cover Club activities when necessary;

(e)       raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons by way of subscription or otherwise; and

(f)        appoint sub-committees when appropriate.

  1. Membership

(a)       Membership of the Club shall be open to any individual wishing to participate in the sport of athletics, provided they comply with this constitution and the regulations of the Scottish Governing Body. There will be no discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, political or other opinion;

(b)       All applications for membership shall be accompanied by the appropriate annual membership fee, which shall thereafter be payable on demand;

(c)       Members shall be enrolled under one of the following categories:-

(i)         Junior;

(ii)        Senior;

(iii)       Family (up to two seniors and two juniors);

(iv)       Non-participating (open to any non-participating individual, regardless of age);

(v)        Second Claim (open to any individual already registered with another athletic club, or individuals living outwith Orkney who wish to represent the club at competitive events);

(vi)       Coach (qualified);

(vii)      Official (qualified);

(viii)     Volunteer / Helper;

(ix)       Honorary / Life Member (recognition of a member who has displayed a high standard of sportsmanship or of service to the Club).

(d)      Any individual who has not paid their membership subscription four months after the due date, shall no longer be considered a member of the Club and shall forfeit all rights thereto until all monies due have been paid; and

(e)       The committee will have the power to dismiss from membership any member who, in the opinion of the committee, acts against the aims and objectives of the Club. The member concerned shall have the right to be heard at a committee meeting before a final decision is taken to expel him or her from membership.


  1. Management Committee

 (a)       Management of the affairs of the Club shall be directed by a committee of no fewer than 8;

(b)       The management committee members shall elect from amongst themselves a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary, and such other office bearers as they consider appropriate;

(c)        The committee will meet at least four times per year;

(d)       A quorum for committee meetings shall be at least 4 members;

(e)       If no quorum is present the meeting will not take any decisions other than to set the date for another meeting or, if the number of members on the committee falls below 4 members, to co-opt a member onto the committee;

(f)        The committee shall be elected at the inaugural meeting and at each annual general meeting and shall hold office until the end of the following annual general meeting;

(g)       Each member of the committee shall stand down at the annual general meeting but shall be eligible for re-election;

(h)       In the event of an office bearer resigning between one annual general meeting and the next, the committee will be able to elect one of their number to take over the office. An office bearer so elected shall hold office until the end of the following annual general meeting;

(i)         The committee at an ordinary committee meeting shall be able to co-opt any member to fill a vacancy on the committee until the annual general meeting following his or her appointment; and

(j)         All office bearers shall hold office from the end of the annual general meeting at which they were appointed until the end of the following annual general meeting.

 General Meetings

 (a)       Once a year the Club will hold an annual general meeting to take place no longer than three months after the end of the financial year;

(b)       Other special general meetings may be called at any time by the committee, or by an application in writing to the Secretary and supported by at least 5 members of the Club. On receipt of such a request the committee shall call a special general meeting within 6 weeks;

(c)       Notice of all general meetings, including the annual general meeting, shall be conveyed to all members (by electronic means or any other manner) and advertised locally, giving not less than 14 clear days’ notice;

(d)       A quorum for general meetings shall be one third of membership or eight members whichever is the least;

(e)       The business to be transacted at the annual general meeting shall include:-

(i)         approval of the minutes of the previous year’s Annual General Meeting;

(ii)        report from Chairperson and / or Secretary and Coaches;

(iii)       Treasurer’s report;

(iv)       election of the committee;

(v)        agreeing subscription fees for the ensuing year;

(vi)       consideration of any changes to the constitution;

(vii)      review and consideration of any bye-laws; and

(viii)     dealing with any other relevant business.

  1. Voting

 (a)       Each committee member shall have one vote at management committee   meetings;

(b)       At general meetings all members aged 16 years, or older on the day of the meeting shall be eligible to vote. For members under 16 years of age, one        parent/carer shall be eligible to vote on their child’s behalf; and

(c)        In the event of a vote, and the numbers of votes are equal, the chairperson of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

  1. Minutes

 (a)       The Secretary shall record minutes of each meeting (committee or general); and

(b)       The minutes should contain the names of all those present and any decisions taken at the meeting.

10.  Finance

 (a)       The financial year shall run from 1st January to 30th December each year;

(b)       All funds raised by, or on behalf of, the Club shall be applied to further the objects of the Club and for no other purpose whatsoever; the preceding provision shall not prevent the payment                     to members of the Club of reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred in connection with the Club’s business;

(c)        The Treasurer shall keep proper accounting records of all income and expenses incurred by the Club and will provide financial reports to the committee in such form, and at such intervals, as they may require;

(d)       The accounts shall be examined once a year by an independent examiner and a financial report presented by the Treasurer at the annual general meeting; and

(e)       A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Club at a bank chosen by the committee. The committee shall authorise in writing three of their members, one of whom shall be the Treasurer to sign cheques on behalf of the Club. All cheques must be signed by not less than two of the authorised signatories.

11.       Alteration

A resolution to alter this constitution may be considered at a general meeting of the Club for which 28 clear days notice is given to the secretary stating the proposed amendment. Fourteen days notice of such a meeting must be given by the Secretary to the members, the method of such notice to be determined by the committee.  Any amendment so proposed shall require to be passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a duly convened general meeting.

12.       Dissolution

The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of members present and voting at a general meeting of which at least 28 days notice has been given to all members of the Club, stating the resolution to be considered. Such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place or places in the neighbourhood and advertised in the local newspaper.

Any assets remaining after satisfaction of all the Club’s debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred towards a dedicated athletics body in Orkney, chosen by the committee and shall not be distributed amongst club members in any way whatsoever.

  1. Declaration

 It is hereby certified that this document represents a true and most up to date version of the Constitution of Orkney Athletic Club.

This constitution was adopted at the Annual General Meeting of Orkney Athletic Club held on

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

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