About Orkney Athletic Club

How Orkney AC Got Started

Arthur Groundwater started what is known today as Orkney Athletics Club back in 1987, coaching a handful of athletes at Stromness Academy. Originally called Team Raven Athletics Club, the team affiliated with Stromness AC in 1988. When the Pickaquoy Sports Centre opened up in Kirkwall in 1997, the club decided to make the track at “Picky” their home and rebrand as Orkney Athletic Club.

Orkney AC Club Profile

The Club currently has approximately 130 members, the majority of which are Junior Members (9-18 years of age).

Management Committee:

The Club governance structure aims to utilise volunteer time and effort more effectively by reducing the size of the management committee and creating instead a number of task oriented sub groups – membership of which is open to anyone who wishes to help with the club workload.  If you would like to get involved – please feel free to contact any of the Management Committee members.


TamsinBailey Chairperson: Tamsin Bailey


Email: chairperson@orkneyathleticclub.co.uk


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Secretary: Susan Rendall

Email: secretary@orkneyathleticclub.co.uk



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Treasurer: Jane Nelson

Email: treasurer@orkneyathleticclub.co.uk

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Coaching Team Representative: Ian Sutcliffe
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Welfare Officer: Inga Linklater
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Membership Co-ordinator: Julia McArthur


Communications Co-ordinator: Anthea Hume

Sub Groups

The Club currently has the following sub-groups which deal with a wide variety of tasks, carried out by a great team of volunteers:-

  • Development
  • Finance
  • Coaching
  • Competition
  • Senior Membership
  • Communication





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